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Designed-by-yourself helmet for mountaineer equipped with world-standard safety and femininity.


In Japan, a helmet for mountaineer may not sound common to you.

However, it is rapidly spreading nationwide because local governments recommend to wear helmet in the designated mountain areas.You have a risk even if you don't climb as high as 3,000 meters or higher because you still have a significant chance of being injured by falling rocks or sliding. Therefore, you can protect yourself by wearing helment more frequently.

However, almost all the climbing helmets sold in Japan are designed and made overseas. Consequently, it does not fit with your head size and shape quite often. If you continue to wear this helmet for a long time, it can hurt your head or it can come off your head in the worst case.

We, ravina, developed a helmet for mountaineer that perfectly fits with Japanese women's head shape and size. In addition, we have amazing number of combinations of shell colors and chinstraps.

As you know, chinstraps are subject to degradation due to sweat and sebum. Therefore, we made our chinstraps exchangeable by yourself. You can easily take that off and wash it. Now you can enjoy coordination of chinstrap and other gears.

For those who thought that climbing helmet and fashion cannot go together, we can make your dreams come true without sacrificing safety.

Helmet Why do we need helmet for mountaineer?

100 pattern variations.
-Enjoy your style by custom design-






The first characterics of ravina's FLUQUE helmet is custom design. You can design your own helmet by combining five colors of front shell, five colors of back shell, two colors of chinstrap,
two kinds of buckles.


We designed our chinstraps easy-to-be-replaced because chinstraps are prone to become stained.


Replacement parts for FLUQUE helmet

If your chinstrap becomes stained, you can replace it with another chinstrap system. You have to choose one of two kinds of buckle: smart buckle and magnet buckle.
Magnet buckle can be undo with single-handed. Compared with smart buckle, you can put on/take off more easily with magnet buckle.





Chinstrap + Buckle

If you buy chinstrap system for exchange in additon to FLUQUE helmet….


A present for every FLUQUE customer!
We give you our original stuff bag that can accommodate your FLUQUE.

For those who want to purchase our original stuff bag….
※Our stuff bag present is milky white color.

Hat for female climber
not merely for outdoor activities.


Mountain is merciless.
Ultraviolet rays showers on mountain area more strongly, which can cause sunburn and rough skin. In addition, hard climbing can make you sweat more than playing ordinary sports.

Based on the actual voices of female climbers we interviewed, we designed a hat for female climbers, not merely for outdoor activities.

UPF50+(high peformance UV protection) and breathable cloth for the outer material and sweat absorbing/quick drying cloth for the inner material. This combination can keep your head dry and sweat stain on hat invisible.Also, because you can fold ALPIA hat in a small shape, it does not take much space in your backpack.


UV protection


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Rocky area in high mountains have intense ultraviolet rays.
Which should I wear, helmet or hat?
You don't need to hover between them any longer.

Ultraviolet rays in mountain area can increase a sense of fatigue by consuming your stamina in addition to giving serious damage to your skin.

Helmet for mountaineer has been a necessary item for your safety. However, it does not have brim that a normal hat has. Therefore, you are vulnerable to ultraviolet rays when you wear helmet.

ALPIA, ravina's hat, have slits that you can lace your helmet's chinstrap through so that you can wear both helmet and hat together to protect your face from intensive ultraviolet rays in the mountain.
We have prepared a variety of colors for your hat to enjoy color combinations of your original FLUQUE helmet.